Thursday, August 15, 2013

Im looking for one of these for the cb750 turbo bike

Mikuni flat slide HSR pumper carb , the smaller the better .  Im thinking 42 sounds big but I think MrTurbo uses these on their draw through systems .  They also offer some modified components for more power and aid tuning it for the turbo system.
- Kevin,  didn't you have one of these on your turbo Kaw that you had determined to be to large ?  What size was that one ?


  1. That was a 45 and I went to jetting hell with my Pal Harry who has been developing turbo bikes since the 70's. We could not make it work and he is the one that suggested the Bendix. I traded him my carb for a Bendix he had and it ran awesome. I think my motor was to small for that large a carb. when I do the top end I'm going to make it bigger motor (1200 +) then I will go back to the HSR. My opinion would be that even the 42 would be too big for your 750 (or is it 836?). You can still call Mr Turbo, they've done plenty of those cb's and they may have a suggestion. I saw one back in the 80's with a downdraft Webber, with the carb running up next to the gas tank, it was awesome and seemed to work but I'll bet it was a nightmare to get tuned. The real trick would be EFI off of a late 600. You're handy enough, with manifold you made, just put some squirter bungs in and use all the electronics and put a throttle body from a small import. Could be done pretty easy me thinks, then you could run an intercooler and really tune that thing perfect. I have the whole setup off a ninja 700 and I think I'm going to adapt it to my KZ head. Stock it's good to 150 HP or so, just add a power commander and your in business. Just some food for thought.....

    1. Thanks Kevin, I agree, fuel injection would be the best thing ever. Going into this, I knew that and was looking at Micro Squirt DIY systems. I was on a mission to go old school on this one and I'm having fun playing with it. I decided on saving the injection for my Kaw project.
      I am running a adjustable main bendix on it now and its ok, I just want more than a on-off switch. I added a thunder jet to it to try to add some mid range tuning to the mix without going lean in WOT but I have doubts that it is actually working. The way I have it tuned now is on the safe side with everything rich as shit. I have it idling so rich that it sounds like I have a radical cam in it. This sounds cool but really Im just water boarding the motor and it misses off idle until I clear it out. Its pretty awesome the way it is but it requires driver finesse and that seems " not right " to me. Thanks for your help.