Monday, August 26, 2013

Oily souls

People came, allot of people came!    So much awesome happened, there is not words that can explain it.  
In-spite of our own judgement, mini-b won the peoples choice award.  We figured that he had allot of friends show up and vote but come to find out that when most his friends and family went to vote that it was already closed.  This being said mini and I are extremely humbled by this and would like to thank everyone that came to the show. The bikes lined up outside were just as amazing as the ones inside.  Personally I felt stupid to even have my bike in the show with so many beautiful machines.  Ultimately, it was a great time on a great day with great people in a great building watching something great take place.  Thanks Brad, Love you brother !


  1. It was one hell of a night for sure. I am truly amazed by the results. but all the credit goes to you my friend. you put so much love into that thing I could never thank you enough. don't feel silly about having your bike there, it deserved a spot. as far as I'm concerned, you had two bikes there. I just happen to own the winning one. thanks again brother. and a big thanks to brad for having the passion, resources, and straight up nuts to pull this off!

  2. Looks like it was a top class event guys, stoked for you both and Mr Diesel . . . for what it's worth, your bike is the equal of any company mate, world wide, anytime. Big ups.