Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Trying to squeeze in some rides before hell freezes over

I met up with long bike Matt in Plymouth the other night.  Turbo bike ran great on the way there in 60° air but the ride home was a little to cool for it and I wet out a plug.  The way I have the Bendix carb adjusted is fuckin shit for constant speed. Nice to accelerate and seems to idle OK but anything in between is crap.  I still have that HSR and maybe I will take a day to modify my intake once more to make it fit and see if it will work any better.  If that doesn't work work I'm just going to inject it some how.

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  1. I put a Rivera SU on one of my turbo bikes and it worked perfect for street riding. Maybe not the best choice fr all out power but it had great manners for around town and easy starting. For your 836 I think I would give a late model Sporty CV carb. You might even have one of those alying around or know someone who does. All kinds of jets for those things. Slim uses them on XS 650 that he makes a 2x1 manifold and they work bitchen. Worth a try me thinks