Thursday, September 19, 2013

Motorcycle bucket list , as of today at least

Big Twin Flatty in stock or period trim. My life will never be complete without one.  Would like to restore one to perfection and then ride it into the ground.

I really want to build a Panhead chop.  Chopper bobber doesn't matter as long as its low tight, light and rigid. I would like to do some cool engine mods, maybe 2 front heads or just alot of custom engine case mods. 

XB12S.  Small packaged, comfortable bike built to break the law and wake the neighbors.  I was on my way to buy one of these in 06 and they were out of stock everywhere. While I was on the hunt I fell in love with the sport classic Duc and took it home.  Sadly I parted with that when I bought my Mustang and Brad teases me with it once in a while.   
I still would like the Buell in my stable and its fun thinking of  the hell I could break loose with one. 

Vintage BMW's.  I know I'm not alone to say these are my first love of motorcycles. How could you not fall in love with the vintage simplicity blended with timeless lines and unique engineering that no other manufacturer has had the balls to produce. 
When I was a kid I spent allot of time at the airport with my grandfather.  One of his good friends was Andy Pelc that used to own Pelc BMW in Canton Mich .  One summer day Andy took me for a ride on his brand new, turbocharged 1980 ish light blue metallic BMW ( dont remember much else about it ) . First time on a motorcycle ever!  From there we walked over to his airplane hanger and low and behold his vintage BMW collection packed tight around  the tail of his Beechcraft sky cruiser.   Must have been 30-50 bikes in there that ranged from show room condition to parts machine, all of which captivated my dreams since.  This single event marks the very beginning of the sickness. 

Vintage inline 4 Indian, if I won the lottery, this is first on my list.

Want!  want want want!    Brick wall stopping power with arm stretching, wheelie, popping, pants shitting acceleration and comfortable enough to cruise coast to coast and back again.    Everyone should want one.  
Yamaha 360 Enduro   maybe 1972 ish   just wanted one since I started riding.  little brapper. 

1967 Honda 50  just like the one above but all white with hard bags.  This bike to me represents my first build, motorcycle, taste of freedom and my favorite memories of my grandpa.  I would like to get one, restore it to perfection and mount it to my living room wall.  Stu picked up a 64 last year and I tuned it up and took it for a spin, much smaller machine than my memory told me but I was half the size back then. 

Hope you enjoyed the short trip through my head! 


  1. Great list Ry. Mine would have to include a modern Ducati (maybe an 1100 Monster) and a '36 EL.

    I'm not holding my breath for either one.

    1. Big monster, that SR version or what ever. The one with all the Olihns goodness on it. Certainly worthy of the list. I just feel like Ive scratched Ducati off my list....for now.
      36 EL I love them for sure and I know it makes it on to most every enthusiasts dream list but I've always liked the flatheads and panheads better. I know that most everyone agrees that the knuckle is the most beautiful motor that H-D every built but to be honest with myself, I like the flatties better. The Panhead always reminds me of a hot rod motor. Not in the way that they are powerful but they look powerful and belong in a chopped something.

  2. Of your list i'll have.. .
    Yamaha 360
    Pan chopper
    And ride once an indian four...