Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Watch me and mini-b tonight

So tonight, at 10 if your on the east time, Discovery's Velocity network airs the Cafe Racer TV Sprint SS build.  
If you did not have the Velocity channel before , check again! The channel recently changed classifications or was down graded and is no longer a special channel.  
Pretty nervous to see the show myself, I hope I don't seem like a douche or something.


  1. That little bike is cool as hell, probably a tick over 300 lbs. I'd watch if I had cable.

    Don't worry Ry, if you come across as a douche you'll fit in just right with all the other big TV stars!

    1. Actually under 300lbs. The show went well, just a slice of what I do every day. So not any more douched up than I really am.
      Actually my second appearance on the show. First exclusive appearance though