Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finishing touches

Stu trying it on for size .    
Thanks for all the good feed back .   I finished bolting on the fender bracket last night,  changed the oil , made a brake line and fired it up.  So much quieter with the long pipes, should make the long rides a little more tolerable.
It feels so much lighter and comfy with the front chopped down. My ride from the garage door to back on the hoist was awesome, I cant wait till the weather breaks.     Just have to adjust the jiffy stand a little, mess with moving around the head lamp until Diesel is happy with it, continue screwing around with the seat and touch any little details before I take it off the hoist and put it in the bike room. I do need a front tire , probably do a white wall there to and the battery is pretty tired but that can wait for a bit

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  1. Them's is all small potatoes, relatively, wicked mate . . . and Stu's a very sexy man too.