Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Moved the head light down last night

Well last night I made this fancy little headlamp drop bracket for the springer.  It dropped it down 2 inches and forward just a bit.  Its tough to find the best position for the headlamp because it looks good in person but when I look at the pictures it looks high. Maybe I will cut out a 3 inch drop one later just to see if it makes any difference.   Also I have noticed that it needs some color in the front , I hope a white wall on the front will cure that.  either way I'm going to stuff it in the storage room till the weather thaws out a bit. In the mean time we will move on to other things.


  1. Perfect stance! The lamp Looks BETTER!!! Can it be pushed rearward closer to the fork springs? Either way I love it and now must build one.

    1. Diesel, Your totaly bogarting all the cool bikes in Detroit. Let me have a cool bike too! ( kidding ) I Might be able to move the bottom bracket of the headlight forward or do something with the bracket , best case scenario is 3/4" of a inch though. Someone mentioned to me that maybe a mini lamp is the cure. I tried that while it was in fab stage and was not a fan but maybe I will shoot a pic and put it on the blog. either way I will continue nit picking it till spring.