Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gettin ready to paint Darin's Iron Headache

Poor guy has had some trouble getting his motor back together and since I was so busy with the XRTT project I put this stuff off to the side.   Now that's not the issue so I'm all over it now.  We stripped all the paint and I fixed a couple of cracks and filled a spare hole, Just have to putty it up and get it into primer.   Darin, thanks for dropping that off last night.

Bottom pic.    The Taint Splitter, I ordered a new clutch cable again and a new lever this time. While I'm at it, I'm taking off the front fender and making a fork brace similar to what I did on the XRTT.  I also found a nice O-ring chain on sale at Mikes XS so I'm going to swap that out when everything shows up.    I'm going to roll in the Honda after this and knock out the stuff I want to do to that. 

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