Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last nights endeavors

Nothing special, just primer / sealer coat on the Iron Head parts.  I noticed a couple of dings that I didn't feel  ( I Must be slipping ) but that's ok I will spot them in and hose on the primer/surfacer today.  
I was also working on the Taint splitter last night because I received my new chain that was on sale just to realize it was a 520 chain and to narrow .   So being that the chain was a non return item, I was just going to bite the bullet and get another 530 chain and get it over with.  To my surprise, when I was chain shopping I found that the 520 chain was not entirely wrong, it is used as weight savings thing.  Im not sure why that never crossed my mind.  So, for another 45 bucks I ordered the race 520 sprockets and I still get away cheaper than the right chain.  I also dropped a tooth in the back for just a little more speed at a little less rpm's 17 front 33 rear  over the stock 17 front and 34 rear.   I talked to Marcel about it briefly because he experimented with the sprockets so I only chose to drop a tooth, more than that might suck the fun out of it.

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