Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I was so close. Recap in the comments section

So,  I finished putting the Honda back together.  I added another oil cooler, test ran it for a while and I was happy with the results so I let it cool down a bit and I gave it a bath.  I was about to ride it up and put some gas in it when it would not start.  I pulled off the ignition cover and it seems I had a bit of a water leak so I blew out the fancy electronics that I have in there and now only # 2 and 3 are firing.  I parked it for the night and I hope I didn't fuck up my fancy ignition system.  I guess I will find out soon enough.


  1. When you get the gremlins worked out of that thing it's going to be incredible.

  2. Im not so sure I will ever work out the gremlins. I have been monkey fuckin this bike for a couple years now. That being said, as much as I complain about it, I really enjoy thinking of engineering solutions to the problems. When I started this project I expected it be a science project and as long as it doesn't cost me a fortune I'm pretty happy feeding the gremlins after midnight. I really don't want my $500 multi spark programmable power arc ignition to fail, that might put this this thing into storage for the rest of the season. so hopefully when I try it later it will have dried out and just work again if Im lucky.

  3. Await the hopefully positive result mate . . . gremlins, gives dudes like you the raison d'etre !!

  4. Recap on this one,
    I came hope and started fucking with it and same shit. I took the tank off, blew out the coil, pulled the ignition processor out took it apart and blew it out a bit, put it back in and nothin. I noticed that the coil was getting hot on the bank that wasn't working and that tells me that it was stuck on. So I grabbed my trusty multimeter and and began probing in the coil plug to see if the coil was bad and pull some voltage readings . At this point I was about to give up and was just hoping that it was the coil pack ( not cheap either ). The funny thing is I read a voltage at the coil and I slipped and the checked it again and nothing, this confused me so I thought I would try it and POW I had fire on that bank of coils again. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth I packed the connections with dielectric grease and carefully reassembled everything and rode it to the gas station to pump in some 110.
    I'm pretty stoked. although on my way back I saw my boost spike up to 20 psi. I really need to look close at my waste gate and make sure my BOV is working as designed.