Monday, September 23, 2013

Day job coolness

Using my Mustang on the dyno to get a stock engine/exhaust base line.  353 hp at the rear wheels.  After the tune and pipe, we are shooting for 400+ we will see.

this just in, Just ran the pipe without tune .  389hp  
I will get a video of it .  

This thing is a V6 Grand National With a Turbo the size of a jet engine. It just made 1600 hp on the Dyno.   Stupid power!  Power per Liter @ 4.3L ( could be 3.8 )  = 372 HP   . 
 What I'm shooting for in my Kaw is power per liter = 377.     That goal seems almost doable now.   Kaw = DOHC  That monster above still has push rods and is making 1600.

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